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Home Automation

It allows you to control different systems and subsystems in your home or business.

The main areas where home automation is present are the following:

-Management of lighting and ambiance of your home or business;

-Control of devices by programming;

-Energy management;

-The field of security of goods and people;

-Communication between devices and users through voice commands and cellular apps.

All these fields of expertise allow home automation to become an ally of choice in the sound management of your environment and to create pleasant atmospheres both inside your home and within your company.

The LED Pros

For LED pros, our passion is to bring light into your daily life!

Whether in your home or in your commercial building, our mission is to provide you with economical, efficient and most sustainable lighting on the market. This is what our product line offers.

Be comfortable in a pleasant work environment, but above all with unparalleled clarity.

Join the LED technology and all the products and opportunities it offers.

Intelli Safety Box

In the kitchen:

Toaster, a coffee maker, a food processor and etc.

For the bathroom and the make-up area:

The hair dryer, the flattening iron, the curling iron and other devices and accessories involved in your routine beauty!

The Intelli Safety Box is the ideal solution for the safe management of your electrical devices in an enclosed environment.

The Intelli Safety Box always provides you peace of mind!

With the Intelli Safety Box, door closed: secure environment!